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Therapeutic Support Services for
Children and Adolescents

With the variety of challenges faced by children and adolescents today, Project Calm, LLC  focuses on providing individual and group support tools to help them combat​

  • Self-esteem challenges

  • Struggles with communication

  • Aggressive behavior / Bullying

Project Calm, LLC specializes in working within the schools and the juvenile justice system to help combat the growing number of adolescents engaged in violent and aggressive behaviors.  

Family Support Services

As support services are provided for children struggling with emotional or behavioral problems, support services fare also suggested for their families.  Mental health challenges experienced by one individual in the family often impacts the dynamics of the entire family unit. Flexible appointment slots are available to meet the needs of hectic schedules.

Adult Support Services

Project Calm, LLC provides a variety of support tools and groups for the adults enrolled in therapuetic services.  They include:

  • Parenting Skills and Positive Parenting Workshops

  • Individual Outpatient Therapy for Adults 

  • Domestic Violence Awareness / Prevention Groups

  • Support Services for Repairing Relationships

Support Services For Athletes

Project Calm, LLC also provides a variety of support services for athletes struggling to find healthy ways to manage their aggression.  The founder, Jerome Hall, is certified in Aggression Replacement Therapy® (ART) and provides various workshops and therapeutic interventions that focus on:

  • Skill streaming social skills training (what to do)

  • Anger control training (what not to do)

  • Moral reasoning training (why to do it) 


Mr. Hall provides ART support services for male and female high school and college athletes, as well as professional athletes. 


Additional Workshops

Mr. Hall also provides therapeutic interventions for athletes surrounding family violence, including relationship violence and sexual assault.  Services may be provided in group, as well as individual, settings. 

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