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Mental   *   Physical  *  Spiritual

     Specializing in Integrating Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness Support Services

  • Project Calm, LLC specializes in providing therapeutic intervention programs designed to treat individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, as well as individuals working through anger management and aggression.  

  • Our treatment models incorporate physical health and wellness with the therapeutic interventions to ensure each client receives person centered, solutions-focused services to help them overcome their challenges. 

Our Mission and Philosophy

Project Calm, LLC provides holistic therapeutic and wellness services for individuals and families experiencing emotional challenges, or those with children struggling with  behavioral issues.  Sessions focus on:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Behavior Modification

  • Parenting Challenges 

  • Physical Health  and Spiritual Supports


Individual and Family Services

Project Calm, LLC specializes in providing support for individuals and families in group settings, as well as individual treatment settings to aid with:

  • Self-esteem Building

  • Managing Aggressive Behaviors

  • Communication Improvement 

Group Discussion
Community Collaborations

Project Calm, LLC collaborates with a variety of community partners to combat:

  • School Violence / Bullying

  • Sucicidal Behavior

  • Domestic Violence

  • Combating Violence Among Athletes / Using Aggression Replacement Therapy.


A Classroom Lecture

Community Events



The founder of Project Calm, LLC,  Jerome Hall, has engaged in community activism and collaboration throughout his career.  One such event featured here was "Take Back The Night," which is an annual rally to speak out against sexual and domestic violence 


454 South Anderson Rd.

Rock Hill, SC  29730

Telephone: 704-771-2976

Facsimile:  843-456-0263

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